National Security-Related Export Controls: Screening of International Students

Admissions screening for prospective students in scientific and technological fields

Yokohama National University has instituted its own rules for national security-related export controls based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. In conjunction with these rules, it has put a system in place to control the transfer of goods obtained in Japan to other countries, provision of technology, and exchange of personnel, and has prescribed rules relating to the admission of international students. The export control rules must be observed by all directors, faculty members, and students of the University.

Japan has national legislation identifying entities including countries, companies, and organizations that give persistent cause for concern regarding their involvement in activities such as the development of weapons of mass destruction. Details of these entities are publicized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. If students connected to these countries, companies, or organizations enroll at Yokohama National University, permission must be obtained from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for matters such as provision of technologies and transfer of goods obtained in Japan to other countries. International students subject to such legislation are advised to discuss the matter fully with their proposed academic advisor before submitting their application to the University, and should note in advance that:

  • It can take a long time for screening by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to be completed, and depending on the results of the screening process, a student may be unable to pursue their chosen course of education or research.
  • Restrictions may be imposed even after a student enrolls in the University, including restrictions on the technologies provided to him/her and the equipment and materials he/she can use.
  • If regulation is tightened due to amendment of the law, or for any other reason, the student may be unable to continue research already under way.


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry web page
Revised version of "Guidance for the Control of Sensitive Technologies"



Any inquiries regarding export controls should be addressed to the contact below.

  • Manager for Security-related Export Control, Research Initiatives and Promotion Organization
  •  TEL:045-339-3193・FAX:045-339-4456

Any individual inquiries regarding entrance examination requirements should be addressed to the contact listed in the admissions requirements.