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Purpose of Research

Through collaboration between researchers and practitioners within and outside of the university, this research center investigates into the changes in innovation process and industrial system due to openness that includes global standardization, and attempts to explore policies and strategies that respond to these changes. As the trend toward openness by IoT / ICT progresses, significant changes are taking place worldwide, in terms of how industry and businesses should operate. Accordingly, it requires the Japanese government and firms to reconsider policies and strategies.

However, we have neither established academically nor practically the viewpoints and methods by which to analyze why and how to promote openness, how to disseminate technologies and build industrial ecosystems, and about what policies and strategies (e.g., joint development, standardization through collaborative test beds, data management, management of relevant knowledge inside and outside of the firms, etc.) are required. For this reason, there has not been adequate progress in the accumulation of cases in a systematic manner, which leaves room for both theoretical and practical considerations. In addition, there is a growing demand from the Japanese and foreign firms and other institutes, including the government agencies, for joint research on related themes, training, and collaboration towards practical demonstration.

In response to these circumstances, particularly through the cooperative relationship with firms, government agencies, and other organizations related to IoT / ICT, this research center will study the transformation of innovation process and industrial systems as a result of openness across industries, regions, and firms, and propose policies and strategies in response to these transformations by presenting analysis viewpoints and methods. Through these activities, as a hub of industry-academia-government collaboration for examining policies and strategies that can respond to practical demands,  we attempt to build a theory-practice cycle.


Research content / methods

Through joint examination with practitioners such as firms, government agencies, and other organizations in Japan and overseas, this research center will reveal the strategic and policy issues for openness, including the international standardization, while analyzing and connecting this to academic outcomes, and proposing policies and strategies. At the same time, through joint research with a narrowed-down theme with related firms and comprehensive cooperative relationships with industry organizations and international organizations (especially the international consortia including IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium)), we will promote the concept of giving back to society and transmit the same to the outside world.

At this research center, we will embark upon the following, (1) our members from the University will lead researchers and practitioners in Japan and overseas to co-examine important issues, then analyze and examine the related knowledge and data based on the contents of co-examination. For example, the participation of young researchers and graduate students enable us to establish the framework, including a consortium for collaboration and standardization, construction of a database for intellectual property and transactions, and advancement of databasing of related academic papers / documents. Through these efforts, we will examine the viewpoints and methods of analyzing technology innovation and its dissemination through openness, industrial ecosystems, policies and strategies relevant to them, and attempt to transmit outcomes through academic conferences, publication of papers and books.

At the same time, through ① hosting participatory study groups and ② seminars with focused themes with partners in Japan and overseas (primarily manufacturers of automobiles and ICT, consultants, researchers) , we will explore more specific issues and propose policies and strategies with utilizing the activities of above. In addition, ③ we hold training sessions and host seminars so that our results can be utilized more effectively in practice and returned to society, and we will promote cooperation towards the practice of openness with firms and other institutions. In particular, we will promote ② and ③, which need practicality, through practitioners and other related bases / groups  within the university (e.g., Center for Economic Growth Strategy, Institute of Advanced Sciences). In addition, we will spread these activities and results not only through web pages, but also through collaborating organizations.