【Press release】Development of next-generation traffic app

The Center of Innovation (COI) satellite at Yokohama National University has developed a traffic app by utilizing precise spatial traffic model and dynamic traffic data.

The app provides users with all-in-one navigation for traveling by bus and better walking route directions. Two main features of the app are, 1) displaying locations of public buses, both Yokohama municipal bus and Sotetsu bus, on the single map, and 2) novel route plan imported road data not on usual web maps. The app could help releasing anxieties such as getting bad directions and getting lost, and it also could provide more choices for traveling, which improves the quality of people’s traveling and facilitates appropriate traffic.

The app test model has been released in Japanese, available only for the campus members by the end of March, 2018.


Contact :

Takanobu Nishioka (Researcher, COI satellite, Yokohama National University)

e-mail: ynu-coisynu.ac.jp



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