【Campus-Only】Traffic app released (in Japanese only)

New Android traffic app test model developed by the Center of Innovation (COI) satellite at Yokohama National University is available in Japanese, only for the campus members, by the end of March, 2018.

 Term  November 17 (Fri), 2017 March 31 (Sat), 2018
 Eligible Users

Students and faculty staff of Yokohama National University

Visitors for Yokohama National University

 Main features
  1. The shortest walking route planning between a building on YNU campus and the nearest station/bus stop
  2. The location information of public buses, Yokohama municipal bus and Sotetsu bus, driving near and inside of the campus
  3. The precise locations information of YNU buildings based on YNU official campus map 



 Model   Android smartphone or tablet

The Center of Innovation (COI) satellite at Yokohama National University (Representative: Fumihiko Nakamura, trustee/vice president, Yokohama National University)


Transportation Bureau, City of Yokohama

Sotetsu Bus Co., Ltd.

Esri Japan Corporation

Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering Science, YNU

Civil Engineering Program, College of Engineering Science, YNU


















Takanobu Nishioka (Researcher, COI satellite, Yokohama National University)

e-mail: ynu-coisynu.ac.jp


外部資金相談相談窓口 研究助成公募情報データベース(学内向け) 論文投稿支援事業 YNUの研究力 サイエンスカフェ YNU 横浜国立大学