【Press release】Development of an intelligent transportation system for special buses

The Center of Innovation (COI) satellite at Yokohama National University has developed a prototype of intelligent transportation system for special buses. The system has enabled visualizing operation status of the buses on the map for tablets to support drivers and operation managers for the better operation. 

Newly developed system utilizes mobile data communication and dynamic spatial data processing by GIS (Geographic Information System), and covers travel information of special buses, which is not included on general navigation apps.

Demonstration experiment was conducted on special buses for spectators’ transportation after the exhibition game on March 7th, at FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME. The system successfully supported the special bus operations, and may lead to more stable and efficient transportation in future.




Takanobu Nishioka (Researcher, COI satellite, Yokohama National University)

e-mail: ynu-coisynu.ac.jp



Akiko Tsumura (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor/ University Research Administrator (URA), Research Initiatives and Promotion Organization, Yokohama National University)

e-mail: kenkyu-kikakuynu.ac.jp




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