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Collaborative laboratories

Collaborative laboratories

In these laboratories, YNU and private companies or the like with shared agendas continuously conduct joint research for a certain period (usually more than two years), based in YNU.

  • Researchers are seconded from partnering companies or the like to serve as specially-appointed researchers at YNU.
  • The costs involved in joint research are the direct research costs and the personnel costs for specially-appointed researchers.
    (Personnel costs are paid to partnering companies once their researchers are seconded to YNU.)
  • Specially-appointed researchers can use university facilities and equipment just like any other researcher working at YNU.

For more details, please refer to the YNU Rules for Collaborative Laboratories.(in Japanese)

Setting-up a collaborative laboratory

  1. A company or a potential partner consults a researcher at YNU who conducts research in a field the company is interested to discuss possible joint research at a collaborative laboratory.
  2. Once an agreement is reached, the company files an application to YNU to set up a joint laboratory. The necessary documents are as follows:
    1. Application for establishing or modifying a collaborative laboratory
    2. Overview of the intended collaborative laboratory
    3. Resume of the researcher to be appointed to the collaborative laboratory and the written approval of the appointment
  3. The setup is first discussed in the faculty council of the relevant college, school or faculty. Based on the subsequent application to the President, the setup is decided following the approval of the Education and Research Council.
  4. The partner company and YNU sign the necessary agreements for setting-up the collaborative laboratory (joint research agreement, employment agreement, etc.).
  5. The procedure from the setup to the closure of the collaborative laboratory is facilitated by YNU’s Industry-university and Local Collaboration Division.


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