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Advanced Quantum Information & Nanophotonics

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 Purpose of Research

Based on the relativistic quantum mechanics, we are exploring novel quantum manipulation techniques with precise control of electromagnetic waves, applicable to new information physics and nanophotonics. By taking advantage of the quantum manipulation techniques, we will press forward with advanced researches for ultrafast nanoscopy and quantum information, which contribute to future economic and social activities.

Research content / methods

To achieve the above purpose, we will execute the objectives (1) and (2) as highlighted below, and then, establish a global research base, and develop global human resources.

(1) Creating innovation for ultrafast nanoscopy through quantum manipulation techniques, which contains

  • Development of time-resolved terahertz scanning tunneling microscope (THz-STM),
  • Development of broadband single-shot oscilloscope.

(2) Creating innovation for quantum information technologies, which contains

  • Quantum media conversion using diamond NV center,
  • Quantum relay and memory necessary for long-distance quantum communication.

Last update:2020/03/18