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Purpose of Research

The purpose is to solve the various issues of JISSO, that is, the electronics packaging. We will advance the followings:

・The fundamental science and technology for the current and future electronics packaging

・Systemization of elemental technologies from materials to a system reliability from an entire view of electronics for the JISSO development.

・The engineers training program for JISSO.

Research content / methods

Research and development:

・Semiconductor materials (silicon carbide and silicon) and their production processes

・Evaluation and improvement of reliability

・Synthesis and improvement of polymer materials

・Synthesis and improvement of multi-purpose ceramic materials

・Electronics device materials and their production processes



Activities are based on the network of materials science, materials engineering, electronics devices and reliability. Projects are linked with the “Yokohama Jisso Consortium (YJC)” which is a collaborative organization between industry, academia, and government.

The system in package (SiP), an integration of various technologies, is the main function of the KAMOME-A project as well as the power electronics utilizing silicon carbide.

Last update:2020/03/18