Artificial Intelligence

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Purpose of Research

It is said that intelligent technology is the fourth industrial revolution, and furthermore, the IoT (Internet of Things) technology utilizing artificial intelligence advances will restrict industry and society in the future.” This is why it is now an urgent matter to academically explore artificial intelligence and promote exchanges between industry, academia, and government pertaining to this subject, through cooperation between organizations and businesses in and outside of Japan. By cooperating with each other beyond the department to which the AI-related researchers of Yokohama National University perform their studies, this research center will conduct not only “statistical machine learning,” which is primarily pursued by artificial intelligence researchers at other universities and enterprises, but will also academically pursue AI technology unique to YNU. This includes “Evolutionary Machine Learning” etc., the next generation AI, as well as promoting industry-academia collaboration activities such as joint research between faculty members of this university and various businesses that target a wide range of area pertaining to future development / social dissemination of AI. Examples of these include visualization of process and accuracy assurance which are problematic when using AI in industry and society, development of AI into managing businesses, and legal issues, etc., while also aiming to become a center for artificial intelligence that demonstrates leadership through global activities related to IoT.

Research content / methods

Through the efforts of members of the research center to accumulate research on artificial intelligence and also through interacting, developing and complementing each other, we will establish an artificial intelligence technology that is unique to YNU in the process of forming Japan’s top center of research for AI.

①Promotion of academic research for next-generation AI: Aim to differentiate by establishing a high-performance next-generation AI that cannot be realized with current AI, such as an AI that finds out how to solve a problem by itself, or autonomously generates its own sub-goals.

②Promoting the collaborative activities between industry, academia, and government: Promote joint research between faculty members of this university with companies that wish to utilize AI technology.

③International activities as an AI research center that represents Japan: Perform influential activities worldwide in fields such as IoT.

Last update:2020/03/18