Information and Physical Security

Purpose of Research

Advance research on cutting-edge cryptograph, software and hardware security technologies, network and system security technologies, etc., and challenge unresolved problems in information and physical security in the IoT era.

Research content / methods

Conduct top-level research on the following sub-themes, with the keywords of
information and physical security for sustainability and enhancement of security in harsh
1. Innovation of embedded security technology for infrastructure: Research and
development of high-performance implementation technology for cryptography,
technology for strengthening in-vehicle network security and vehicle to everything
communication security, instrumentation security technology, cyber terrorism
countermeasures, and development of their educational methodologies
2. Innovation in software and network security technologies: Research and development
of early detection of cyber attacks, understanding of cyber-attack trends, analysis of
attack code and malware, secure network software systems, tamper-resistant software
technology, and development of their education methodologies
3. Innovation in cryptography: Research on cryptography with information-theoretic
security, cryptography with advanced functionality, quantum computer resistant
cryptography, cryptographic protocol design theory that guarantees secure synthesis, etc.
and development of their educational methodologies
4. Innovation of terminal / hardware / human security technologies: Research on
hardware security technologies supporting IoT, enhancement of tamper resistance / clone
resistance, nano-artifact metrics, biometric security evaluation, etc., and development of
their educational methodologies
5. Exploration of unidentified advanced issues: Discovery of important security issues
unknown at the time of planning and conducting research

Last update:2020/06/02