ORCID is an effort to assign a permanent and unique digital identifier (ORCID ID) to researchers all over the world. The non-profit organization ORCID Inc. operates ORCID. The research results such as papers, research grant information, and academic activities can be appropriately linked to each researcher by ORCID ID. Currently, ORCID IDs are required or recommended when submitting articles in many international journals.

Benefits of ORCID

  • It is enabled to distinguish researchers' names clearly.

  • Researchers can disseminate their research achievements to the world.

  • Researchers can import their achievements from multiple databases (eg, Crossref Metadata Search, Europe PubMed Central, ResearcherID, Scopus, etc.) .

  • Researchers can automatically capture research achievements such as papers (Crossref-Autoupdate).


Yokohama National University has recommended that researchers register for an ORCID ID from 2014.
It has been recommended to register your ORCID ID in the Educational Research Activity Database (YNU-ERDB).
In the future, we plan to link data on ERDB with ORCID.

Search and Register for an ORCID ID

You can easily register an ORCID ID.




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