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YNU Research 005(April 26, 2019)

For Ecological Ships
Developing Energy-Saving Technology for Ships

Professor Takanori Hino
(Faculty of Engineering)

YNU Research 004(April 17, 2019)

If a Typhoon Hits Your Town
The Real Risk of Typhoons Unveiled by One Thousand Typhoon Simulations

Associate Professor Hironori Fudeyasu‘s Group
(College of Education)

YNU Research 003(April 23, 2019)

Why does the ground collapse?
The Forefront of Geomechanics Research related to Geohazards

Associate Professor Mamoru Kikumoto‘s Group
(Faculty of Urban Innovation)

YNU Research 002(April 5, 2017)

Like bio-living ceramics?
The development of “Fiber-Reinforced Self-Heal-ing Ceramics”

Professor Wataru Nakao‘s Group
(Faculty of Engineering / Institute of Advanced Sciences)

YNU Research 001(December 1, 2016)

Find out hidden cyber threats!
IoT POT: A novel "honeypot" luring cyber-attacks to IoT Devices

Associate Professor Katsunari Yoshioka‘s Group
(Faculty of Environmental and information Sciences / Institute of Advanced Sciences)

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